Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don't Download This Song

"Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge to break international copyright law..." - if you know me, you will also know that I simply LOVE Weird Al Yankovic ("Amish Paradise" ring a bell?). This time he's created the anthem for Generation Download - and the title of this song is not exactly meant seriously, as you might expect from Al. In fact, on this humble website, you won't only be able to watch the wonderful video that goes with that song but also - yes, you guessed right - DOWNLOAD the thing in MP3 format. Enjoy! But stay alert - as everybody knows (at least, if you listen to the complaints of the music industry) - illegal downloads are just the start of a criminal career that will culminate in you "robbing liquor stores and selling Crack and running over school kids with your car"...


ricardo-googol said...

Hm, this isn ' t so really my music :P
But okay, the song idea is great ^^

When I just hear the word "DRM" ( I hope it is the same as in German ), I could kill somebody.
When I buy a song, I will use it, HOWEVER I want. Songs from ITunes not only on friggin' iPods, songs that I send somebody over WLAN of Zune not only three days or anything like that !

Well, okay. "Pirates" costed round 2 million Dollars ( only for the movie companies ), but 20 Euro or more for a movie, HELLO ?!
And when I want to watch it on my pc, and I have something like "CloneDVD" on it, I can ' t play it. And when the movie installs rootkits - I don ' t get asked and can ' t remove them later. That is not fair. They should ask themself, why so many people download things. 17 Euro for a CD, which I could get for 20 cents ( for the blank CD ) and when 2 months for the public release - why in hell should I buy it ?!

The production of the CD costs perhabs with booklet 2 Euro or so. Why don ' t sell CDs for 5 - 7 Euro ?

The customer is everytime the butt ...

But to do so, they must think and do something with what they don ' t get 200 million ... ( by the way, if the price would be not as high as today, more people what buy CDs etc. I think )

And then you get a "higher" chastisement how a rapist !!!

Kadettenchief said...

Well, the sound of the music is not the best. But i agree with the text.
There are more funny songs of EL Yankovic, for example: Amish Paradise and so on...

That`s it so far...

So gonna write the test tomorrow and than having a nice weekend so

See you round!

MR. Fire

WinterWolf said...

The song is cool. Especially the text XD I like that "Madam I´m Adam!" thing.

€ugen ^^