Thursday, July 05, 2007 the news again

Am I annoying you? I sure hope not ;) This is what Coburg's Neue Presse has to say about the upcoming "Schultheatertage":

(Sorry, German again. I definitely should pay more attention to this blog really being an English-language one.)


Ricardo said...

I know, that this isn ' t really the right subject, but I have forgotten to ask you this today in school. I hope you don ' t mind me this asking :).

As you are a teacher, you perhaps know if there are books like our "GreenLine Learning English" for different languages like Russian.

Perhaps you know about this, because I only find a set from ASSIMIL, which costs 100 euro or more, and this is a bit too expensive for me.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend !

Weese said...

Funny you should ask me this today - I've just asked myself the very same question browsing through a book club catalogue offering some language courses in book form. I figured I should try and learn a bit of Russian and Turkish since we have some students of both nationalities/origins @ our school and I'd love to be able to exchange at least a few basic phrases with them in their language ;) I'll keep looking and get back to you personally if I find anything useful.

Ricardo said...

That sounds great :).

I want to learn some other languages, because I am reading Hannibal Rising.
Perhaps you know this book and the film ?
I know, that this isn ' t a true story, but it inspired me anyway.

And I find Russian since I have heard it the first time very very interesting.

For learning Turkish I found this:
Perhaps this is something for you, I am not very keen on learning Turkish ...