Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Standards Vol.2

What would you have done?
I told the student that in the U.S. they'd most likely have sent him home, probably even expelled him from school. In Germany, on the other hand, people probably just don't get it.
I wonder what would happen today (this photo was taken a few years ago), what with all the abuse stories that have been making the press lately...


Herr Rau said...

Abuse or no abuse, now or a few years ago (though possibly not in my first or second, inexperienced year as a teacher), I'd have made him change his shirt or sent him out of my classroom to the headteacher, to be sent home. I don't see a double standard here.

(I do agree about Teenage Dirtbag in the previous post. Little sense there.)

Weese said...

Well, "double standard" may not be the best description here (it seemed at the time I wrote it), but what I meant to say is, NOBODY except for me seemed to have noticed when I talked to some fellow teachers in the staff room, whereas in America, there would have been an outcry.

Herr Rau said...

Ts. Teachers today.