Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Musical Unicorn

You read it here first: "The Last Unicorn" is going musical! As Connor Cochran has let me know, German composer/producer Christian Gundlach is working on a new version of my favorite purveyor's of fantastic literature true to its name, Peter S. Beagle's classic novel to hit German stages next year. There are going to be approximately 70 performances on the "Theater für Niedersachsen" stages in Hildesheim and Hanover, as well as guest performances on stages throughout Lower Saxony, including Langenhagen and Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Spread the word. Schmendrick is with you!


Lingua Loria said...

This is awesome!

Too bad I'm not in Europe...and I don't speak German. :(

Still, this is awesome!

-- Lori

P.S. By the way, you don't know me. I just found your site via the "Next Blog" option.

P.P.S. Also -- small world -- my mother was born in Nürnberg.

Weese said...

Thanks for the comment! BTW, I SO love YOUR blog - just my style! I shall, from this day forward, be proud to call myself a Linguaphile ;) and have put it on "follow".

Lingua Loria said...

Wow...if someone's following my blog, I guess that means I should actually update it every once in a while!

All the best,