Monday, September 09, 2013

Radio Not-Quite-So-Gaga least I hope so! You might have heard me bragging about the radio show I used to do for WUSC when I was in the States, and probably about my new one as well: It's called "Star Tracks" (go figure!) and I play & comment (in English!) on movie songs most of which you usually don't get to hear on the radio (as opposed to mainstream stations that play "Ghostbusters" at least once a week). There are two new shows coming up, one on March 13th, 8-10 pm. Central European Time, and one on Easter Monday (which happens to be April 1st this year) from 4-6 pm. - thought I'd let you know :-) To tune in, you'll need Internet access (it's not a "regular" FM station, I'm afraid); just go to or find the station on iTunes radio under "'80s Flashback / Radio Bavaria International". The facebook page can be found at Enjoy!
P.S. Not to worry if you missed a show: The latest episode can now be listened to (again) in the archive section at :)

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