Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Prince "Ironheart"

Dear readers, let me show you a book I think you should read (because it has to do with our English lessons):"Prince Valiant - in the days of King Arthur", by Hal Foster. The comics show real history & legends in wonderful pictures, like Arthur‘s castle of Camelot. They tell you how Valiant meets and becomes one of the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur and his famous wizard Merlin are always there, too. And you can learn about life back then, for example about hunting in winter. If this looks interesting, just buy one of the comic books – I promise it'll be good!

(...and if all this sounds familiar to you, it''s because that was what you should have written in today's test :) )

Samples from the German edition (some of which I used in the test) can be found here:

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